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Divorce Legal Separation in Ventura County
The process of divorce is not an easy one. However, Christina Shaffer encourages her clients to ease the process by first concentrating on the areas where you and your spouse may be able to agree before moving on to areas where you are at odds.

Child Custody Lawyer Ventura County
Contested child custody cases are by far the most difficult. At the same time, there are many parenting arrangements and plans from which parents can choose as long as they serve the children's best interests.

Property Division Lawyer Ventura County
Deciding who gets what property is part of every divorce. Christina Shaffer can help you divide your marital assets and debts.

Child Support Lawyer Ventura County
Usually, in custody cases, one parent is obligated to pay child support. The amount of child support is typically established by reference to Child Support Guidelines found in the California Family Code. The amount the court orders in child support is based on several factors including the parties respective incomes and their custodial time with the children.

Spousal Support Lawyer Ventura County
Spousal support may be awarded to one party when there is a disparity of incomes and a necessity of support.  The amount of support and length of support depends on several factors including but not limited to the length of the marriage, the standard of living during marriage, and the parties respective incomes. 

Domestic Partnerships in Ventura County Law
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The Law Offices of Christina Shaffer offer legal services in Ventura County, California with an emphasis in Divorce Law, Family Law, Divorce Mediation, Legal Separation and Prenuptial Agreements, California child custody matters, California spousal support, California Guardianships and California Collaborative Divorce. Located in Ventura County, Attorney Christina Shaffer also provides legal services as a family law and divorce lawyer for the cities of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Simi Valley, Santa Barbara, and the Ventura County, CA area.
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